We Are Team 4405 The Atoms Family!

We are a growing team from Plymouth Christian Academy. The 2016 Season will be our fifth of competition. This year we are looking forward to making it to the State Championship, and hopefully returning to the World Championships in St. Louis! Read more on our about page.

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Partnering With Us

In order to continue our success, we need your help! We need partners in our community to help us to succeed for this season. If you could help us out, head over to our contact page or oursponsorship page and about learn the different ways you can help.

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About FRC

“The varsity sport for the mind,” FRC(FIRST Robotics Challenge) combines the excitement of sports with the rigor of science and technology. Students are challenged with limited time and resources to create a robot that can perform specific tasks. Learn more at the FRC webpage.

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If you would like to see what your contributions and support helped us accomplish, we would love to see you at one of our competitions! We will be competing at:

  • Churchill High School on March 24-26, 2016
  • Woodhaven High School in Livonia on April 7-9, 2016
  • Michigan State Championships on April 13-16, 2016
  • And hopefully we will return to the World Championships on April 27-30, 2016

For more information, go to www.firstinmichigan.com.

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